"Musical theatre writing duo Toby Singer and Jared Saltiel present this slasher musical that fuses campy comedy with meticulous murder mystery and vicious pop culture satire."

- Time Out New York

Photo by Giancarlo Osaben

"South By South Death is the music-festival slasher musical you didn’t know you needed"

- Bedford & Bowery

(New York Magazine)

Toby Singer and Jared Saltiel are a musical theatre writing duo, who at first glance seem to share a biography. They grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, studying jazz, creating and dissolving rock bands, and restlessly hopping from instrument to instrument. After attending the University of Michigan, they moved to Brooklyn to pursue indie rock stardom, made a bunch of heartfelt records, did some legendary tours in tiny cars with friends, and finally found their way into New York’s theatre scene.  

Look closer, however, and the differences emerge. Toby is a lifelong musical theatre fan; Jared still hasn’t seen The Lion King. Toby is a gregarious extrovert and a spontaneous melody-maker; Jared is a notorious perfectionist who agonizes over every lyric.  Toby has a big happy dog; Jared writes inscrutable songs about cats. Taken separately, Toby and Jared are yet another pair of Brooklyn artists with unchecked ambition and unruly iced coffee habits. But together, Singer & Saltiel are one of the most liberated, hilarious and goddamn catchy writing teams around. 

Photo by Jeff Fowler

Photo by Giancarlo Osaben




Developed in residency at National Sawdust in Brooklyn, New York